Solar energy is a gift of nature which comes in abundance and at no cost. The solar radiation that we receive can be scientifically channelized as a boon for human race. The two primary purposes for which solar energy is being used is for generating electricity and for heating purposes. Sometime back the cost of those equipment were prohibitive but with advancement of technology the capital cost of such products have come down making it affordable to an average citizen.
Climate change in increasingly accepted as one of the biggest man-made threats facing our globe if we continue to burn fossil fuels as of today. If we are not rigorously changing our fossil fuel addiction we very soon are crossing a point when there will be no future for our next generation. A feasible alternative to the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuels lies in the accelerated use of renewable energy.
Use of solar energy as an alternative to traditional fuel based energy sources saves our planet from pollution and climatic hazards.