OREDA in the year 2015 realised the importance of “user satisfaction” and economic viability in achieving mass adoption of Renewable Energy as an alternate source of energy. It established a dedicated Customer Relationship Centre (CRC) to manage end-user level issues ranging from general query to submission of request for repair and service of their RE assets.

What's We DO
The responsibility of (Design, Develop and Manage) the total ecosystem was given to M/S Parameter Softwares (P) Ltd.
It was also established with the dual objective of improving the uptime of the assets and the relationship among all the stakeholders. In the first phase the end-users were empowered to communicate with the CRC through a Toll-Free Number (1800-345-7135) with regard to the working status of their assets. The CRC using an automated system managed, monitored and measured the repair activity of the vendor to bring back the asset to working condition as soon as possible.

This method of engaging the community using technology at the backend bore fruit and was appreciated by various national and international bodies.
The CRC has been given added responsibility of designing and monitoring the process of Installation of RE Assets and establishing a proper R&M regime by including Scheduled Maintenance at certain periodicity along with corrective maintenance of the assets in the event of breakdown. Now the CRC helps the organization not only with building up the asset database, but the transactions of R&M over it including the measuring the performance of the vendors who are responsible for it.