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ABOUT CRC (Customer Relationship Centre)

OREDA, a society formed under Dept. of Science and Technology has been popularizing and demonstrating the usage of renewable energy sources since few decades. With rising environmental and climatic challenges facing all of us, use of renewable energy is no more a choice but the only way left before us.

Pursuant to the mission of having a higher consumer usage of renewable energy cross the state of Odisha, OREDA has devised various strategies to generate awareness and popularize the same. There have been various schemes and subsidies offered by OREDA for various devices like the Biogas Plants, the Rooftop Solar Power Plants, the Solar Lantern, etc. OREDA has also gone a step ahead by helping in the formation of the Village Electrification Committee (VEC) in the remote areas of the state where Solar Lights have been provided.

The Customer Relationship Centre (CRC) further facilitates by creating a virtual platform of interface so that at the end the customer has a good physical and financial experience and enjoys the benefits of the installation.

OREDA currently has more than 3,00,000 installations in the remotest to the most urban places in the state and services 20 departments and feels morally responsible to provide post installation services through the suppliers of the hardware. And looking at the potential base of customers; this webportal intends to provide the communication interface for queries, complaints and for dissemination of knowledge and information on events, happenings and various schemes.